Be A Sponsorship Supporter

While it is extremely enriching to be a part of the union of love and hope that occurs when sponsoring an individual child, this kind of commitment may not be right for everyone.  Alternatively, we offer the option of being a Sponsorship Supporter, allowing your contribution to be allocated towards a group of children.  By contributing any amount, a SPONSORSHIP SUPPORTER is recognized by aiding CCF in building long-term, lasting change for children in need and their communities.

Saving Vikneshwaran! CCF’s first child to receive surgery holds the promise of a successful outcome for all! Having been born into a lower-caste family with severe polio affliction in both legs, one little boy, named Vikneshwaran, was marked as an omen and left to crawl as his only form of mobility. His disease not only prevented him from walking, but also compromised his immune system where continued sickness prevailed. Along with Sponsorship Supporters and CCF’s founder, Vikneshwaran’s first in-depth examination led to a series of personalized medical treatments with a life-changing surgery on both legs. This little boy will soon stand for the first time, giving hope to other handicapped children who may have never had a chance.


Lisa-Saraswathi Fund! CCF’s first orphaned girl receives college entrance and inspires others! As one of the first children from the Angelo orphanage to graduate, Saraswathi had aspirations of pursuing a purpose in life through continued studies. With less than 7% of India’s entire youth making it to higher education, fulfillment of this dream seemed beyond achievement—especially for a girl born handicapped. Out of Sponsorship Supporters’ collective generosity, CCF created the Lisa-Saraswathi Fund, which turned one little girl’s dream into a reality. To this day, the fund exists as an embodiment of hope for all physically-challenged girls who now follow in the footsteps of Saraswathi.