The Bridge of Love & Hope


You Make A Difference!

The CCF team is committed to filling the deep-seated void of love, which is often missing from image-centric societies, as well as the absence of hope, which too many times is lost in materially-hungered environments.
In order to do this, we emphasize the importance of the special bond created between orphaned children and sponsor parents.


When exposed to someone who cares, CCF’s sponsored children receive the HOPE they so desperately seek. In turn, when sponsors play witness to the miraculous accomplishments of sponsoring a child, LOVE rewards them in abundance.



“I am a lucky girl because God has given me: a wonderful sponsor dad… a dear loving daddy. I may be a physically challenged girl, but in spirit I now know I am loved and, with this, I can achieve anything.  I often look at my dad’s photographs with my friends in the orphanage.  They too feel happy of him being always with me.”
CCF Sponsor Child, India

When I was shown pictures of children from the CCF Child Sponsorship Program, I was drawn to the sad face of one little girl, Kavitha.  Through sponsorship, I received many letters and photos, each filled with Kavitha’s beautiful words, hopeful dreams and newfound smiles. I even received a surprise phone call from CCF where I spoke to Kavitha for the first time. Wow… she called me Mother, thanked me and told me she loved me.  That brought a lot of warmth into my heart! I tell all my friends that they should also join the CCF Child Sponsorship program and see how wonderful it is to receive this kind of love from a child in need.”  Jerri, CCF Sponsor Parent, USA